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What You Need to Know About Baltimore Car Insurance

Car insurance in Baltimore, Maryland is more expensive than the average cost of car insurance Maryland by around 49.3%. When you live in Baltimore, you can expect to pay about $2,127 per year for your auto insurance, which is the same as the rate statewide. Car insurance rates in Baltimore vary as insurance companies offer various rates. So it would help if you do some shopping first before deciding on what type of insurance to purchase and get the best rate with the maximum coverage.

Since there are so many insurance companies in Baltimore and all of Maryland, you can definitely shop around and inquire about which auto insurance coverage suits you best. You can get a quote from your prospective insurance provider and then compare each rate so you can get the best option for your car insurance. Purchasing Maryland auto insurance is something that you need to have to get the protection you need in case of an accident, whether you suffer from bodily injury or property damage. Having car insurance in Maryland would also provide you some protection from bodily injury liability as well as property damage liability if you are the one who caused the accident. This is why you should get the maximum coverage for your car insurance and spare yourself from getting money out of your pocket in case of this type of incident.

How Much is Car Insurance in Baltimore?

Car insurance in Baltimore differs because insurance companies offer different rates as well. Some are cheaper, while others are more expensive, and the rate also varies according to several factors. In Baltimore, USAA is considered to have the most reasonable price, but this insurance company is only intended for the military and their families. Erie is perhaps one to consider if you are looking for affordable auto insurance in Baltimore as they offer $1,545 per year. You can buy expensive car insurance from Esurance for $4,271 annually.

Other insurance providers in Baltimore that are worth checking out are Allstate, which offers $1,673 a year for their auto coverage. Another one is Travelers whose car insurance costs $1,710 an entire year, Nationwide, which costs $1,736, GEICO offers their auto insurance for $1,983 per year, Progressive car insurance amounts to $2,058. And lastly, Metlife offers $2,142 worth a year for their auto insurance coverage. The choice is really up to you and your needs.

In Baltimore, car insurance is calculated based on several factors, including location, zip code, model, and make of the vehicle, driving record, age, etc. An insurance company also reviews the risk involving the driver. Because risk factors change through time, it would be best to get a customized quote according to your profile to achieve the best rate. It is also important to remember that your coverage amount affects how much your policy will be.

Coverage for Maryland’s car insurance is inclusive of liability coverage, such as property damage liability and bodily injury liability. You can always add more coverage and protection to your auto insurance, such as comprehensive, collision, and deductibles. The minimum requirements for liability in car insurance for Maryland include property damage and bodily injury for $30,000 per person, per accident per person 60,000, and $15,000 to cover property damage. If you want more protection, the good number would be 100/300/100. On the other hand, the coverage is also $30,000 per person, 60,000 for an uninsured motorist incident.

There is nothing wrong with getting minimum coverage for auto insurance, but you will also not have much protection if you get into a more severe accident. In Baltimore, plans for car insurance differ because policies also have varying limits depending on the coverage. An average premium for Maryland car insurance is between $673 and $2,700 a year for state minimum or $769 to $2,912 a year for 50/100/50 options. The full coverage rates for Maryland auto insurance range from $1,133 to $3,754 for 50/100/50 a year. While for 100/300/100 options, the range is from $1,217 to $4,271 annually.

To determine the cost of car insurance in Baltimore, Maryland, the type of neighborhood is also taken into account because areas have varied cars and living-related incidences. For this reason, the residential address and the zip code are taken into consideration. For example, zip code 21224 is known to be among the affordable neighborhoods for car insurance coverage in Baltimore as they pay around $686 a year for their insurance premiums. Zip code 21215 in Baltimore has the most expensive insurance premium.

How Much is the Cost of Maryland Car Insurance?

Compared to the city of Baltimore, which has a higher insurance cost, the minimum insurance policy in Maryland, in general, is around $1,180 annually or approximately $98 each month. Compared to the other parts of the United States, car insurance in Maryland is cheaper by about 13.1%.

In this state, some of the most affordable insurance providers where you can purchase a minimum insurance coverage are Erie, which has $573 for an entire year, GEICO offers $645 for a full year, Travelers has $691 annually, Progressive $924 a year, Allstate offers $982 annually. The cheapest insurance providers in Baltimore are Erie, Allstate, and State Farm. Make sure to do some shopping so you can purchase the best possible insurance with the best rate in Baltimore.

Opting only to have the minimum insurance requirement in Baltimore means that you are just fulfilling the state’s law requirements, but selecting full coverage implies that you are giving yourself more protection. Full coverage of insurance in Baltimore comes with comprehensive and collision, which offers protection for car damage regardless of who is at fault.

It is understandable why some people in Baltimore choose to have a minimum policy over the full coverage. It is because the difference is around $1,251 annually, and this is just an average. But if you have room to spare for maximum coverage, it would still be a good idea to have one because it means giving yourself more security in case of an accident. If you are getting an auto policy in Baltimore, try your best to have a good driving record because it significantly affects your premium.

There is something called financial responsibility law in Maryland that requires drivers to carry liability insurance and uninsured motorist policy. This law provides financial security if you damage another person’s property or harm someone else during an accident. In Baltimore, an insurance provider is also mandated to incorporate PIP or Personal Injury Protection, which is about offering you protection from bodily injury no matter who is at fault during an accident. The minimum cost for this is about $2,500.

Although having a higher limit can be more expensive, it is still the best way to go, especially if you have some extra money because in the event of an accident, you will be sure to have more protection financially, and accidents can definitely be costly. In Baltimore, the amount of car insurance is different for every driver as the premiums are based on certain factors, including the city where you live and the neighborhood where you reside. Baltimore is among the most expensive places to get your car insured along with District Heights and Capitol Heights, while Easton, Berlin, and Denton are among the cheapest to have car insurance.

The average amount of an auto policy in this state is around $203 a month or $2,431 a year. If you are getting your car insured and live in Baltimore, you now have an idea about the amount you need to spend to have the kind of protection and security you need while you are on the road. Choosing the right policy that meets your needs and wants are very important. It is essential that you reach out to an insurance agent who will be able to provide you with all the information that would help you as you are in the process of choosing the policy that suits you best.