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What You Need to Know About Home Insurance In Baltimore

Purchasing a home in Baltimore can certainly be exciting, but it does not just end there because being a new homeowner also means having added responsibilities like providing protection and security for your new property. Having a new home means you will also have some other cost to shoulder. To help you with this type of protection, you need to have the right insurance coverage.

Though the state does not require Baltimore homeowners to have homeowners insurance, it is still best to have some form of coverage because other entities may need you to have one. You may purchase Maryland homeowners insurance from several insurance companies within Maryland and Baltimore, MD. It is a matter of talking to the right insurance company to find the top home insurance policy for your property. Insurance policies, as well as homeowners insurance rates, vary across all insurance companies. That is why doing your own diligent shopping is necessary to get the best homeowner insurance rates and service in Baltimore.

When you are out to buy your Maryland homeowners insurance, make sure to compare various insurance policies from different insurance companies, especially if you live in the city of Baltimore, MD, to find the most reasonable cost for your coverage options. Also, do not forget to ask for discounts from each company you get rates from because all insurance companies offer them.

What is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Maryland?

In Baltimore, Maryland, a homeowners insurance policy is about 30% lower than the national average cost of homeowners insurance, which amounts to $1,288, which means that in a year, the insurance rate in Maryland is only around $866. However, the cost varies depending on many factors, including the location and which city you are in. Another factor contributing to insurance costs is if you reside within Baltimore, MD, as it is a major city so insurance rates may also be higher.

Comparing home insurance policies in Baltimore is highly essential because you want to save yourself from being overcharged while giving your homes the security and protection it needs. Talking to several insurance companies to secure the best insurance policy with the best rate is what you should always achieve. Some of the top companies in Baltimore, MD, that offers homeowners insurance and which you should definitely check out are the following:

Erie Insurance

This is among the best homeowners insurance providers in Baltimore because of their low rates and the quality of their customer service and financial stability. Erie is among the top 50 property insurers for the year 2018 in Maryland. They offer so many coverage options that you could choose from, such as comprehensive cover that protects damages, including theft and fire that happened to your property. Extra cover, on the other hand, offers comprehensive coverage on the building, while ultra cover offers full protection on the building as well as the insured’s personal property. This insurance company also has the Erie Secure Home Policy coverage covering for replacement cost that is guaranteed, superior service, and claims. You can also get bundled policies for added options for coverage and at a reasonable rate. This includes debris removal, identity recovery, fraud reimbursement, etc. Erie may also offer additional discounts for added services such as burglar alarm or sprinkler installation or request an insurance quote a week before the homeowners’ insurance policy’s effectiveness.

State Farm

Known to be the top insurance provider in Baltimore, MD, State Farm offers so many options for policies and tools and other helpful resources for their clients. State Farm is also famous for its excellent claims services. Apart from homeowners insurance, they also provide coverage for ranches, small businesses, farms, manufactured homes, and older property or home. What clients also appreciate from State farm is that they can access the tools and other programs such as the State Farm Premier Service, which offers assistance during repairs and while recuperating after home damage by sending local contractors to help out. State Farm Home Index Home Inventory Tools is also available for clients’ use, and this lets them track their personal belongings and at the same time have an idea of the value of their property in the most convenient and simple way. With this tool, clients have the advantage of filing a claim that is most likely accurate, reliable, and up to date. With this insurance provider, you can depend on their reliability as they can be easily accessed at any time of the day and in various forms such as online or by phone.

America Mutual

Being one of Baltimore’s best rating companies, this home insurance provider offers customized service and has many homeowners insurance options for policies at low rates. They can provide coverage for liability protection and other form of security, including temporary repair to avoid getting more damage following a loss, increase in living costs when your home becomes unlivable, and loss of credit card. Personal property replacement cost, flood and earthquake damage, and automatic dwelling policy may also be part of your added coverage. The latter involves paying for the extra cost in repair or rebuilding that exceeds the policy limit.


This home insurance provider in Baltimore provides different resources and tools to give help and provide information to their clients about their concerns on insurance products such as home insurance or auto insurance. The Allstate Premium Gauge Tool is another practical and useful resource that allows clients to know how some factors affect the premium of home insurance. Some factors include security device installation and the age of the property or the home. Aside from the latter, the Allstate Digital Locker allows the insurance provider’s clients to create and update an inventory of their personal property in the most secure manner. By simply uploading the photos of their belongings through a computer or a smartphone, and the information is automatically stored and synced, they are ready if some natural disasters occur. Get many discounts from this insurance provider by simply signing- up in their easy pay policy or just by being their latest client.

Farmers Insurance

Is considered to be among the best and the most reliable company in Baltimore when it comes to claims tools. This home insurance provider also allows their clients to file a claim through the online platform, giving them more convenience. After a claim has been filed and received, a representative for claims then reviews the case presented, and you will constantly be in the loop about the latest updates through the Farmers Claims Tracker Tool. A mobile app is also available for more customer satisfaction. Clients also get discounts by availing of the standard policies such as installing storm shutters and security devices or getting a bundle of multiple policies like home insurance combined with auto insurance and the like.

Because Baltimore, Maryland is not much affected by natural disasters, this state is considered low risk. However, the home insurance agent will still review your risk factors while they assign your rate. Knowing the factors that affect a premium is also important because this can help you find the best homeowners insurance rates in Baltimore. Some factors that may affect the premium of a policy are if you have filed a claim in the past, if you live in a house with an older frame, and if you live far from a hydrant or a fire station.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required in Maryland?

Home insurance policy premiums vary according to the state. Suppose the policy premiums in Baltimore are cheaper than the national average rate. In that case, it is the other way around in Massachusetts as their premium costs an average of $1,379 a year, and this still vary based on the zip code or the city where you live, size of the property or the home, age, claims history, zip code, etc. When getting Maryland homeowners insurance, make sure to talk to a reliable agent so they can discuss all their insurance products and policies, and they can help you find the best coverage for your home insurance. They can also give you all the quotes you need to compare and choose wisely and adequately.

A homeowners insurance is not really required in Maryland, but other entities may need one from you, such as a mortgage lender or a property lessor, so it may be best to have at least some form of a standard coverage just in case. Mortgage lenders usually ask for one in Baltimore as a form of security for the building and typically need home insurance until the loan is fully paid.

Before buying homeowners insurance, it is essential that you first check your lessor or lender’s rules and policies so you can buy the right policy coverage because their requirements differ as well. Some may need more extensive coverage than others, depending on your home’s value as well as the risks involved with the building. Even if it is not mandated in Baltimore, Maryland it is still best to have the right coverage in damage or an accident.

Can You Shop Around Baltimore for Homeowners Insurance?

Shopping around for homeowners insurance in Baltimore is always a good idea because this is the best way to get good rates while getting the maximum coverage for your policy. This process is recommended to be done yearly to be sure that you are always updated on the rates available in the market. For this home insurance shopping in Baltimore to be effective, search from different companies, and get as many quotes as to help you compare wisely.

Getting quotes and information on several insurance companies’ policies to cover your home in Baltimore is always a good move to make, and this is especially true if you are already paying above 10% upon your renewal. When you shop around for home coverage in Baltimore, you will be surprised because you will definitely stumble upon something that is way lower than what you currently have.

Do not hesitate to ask for quotes and compare coverage plans in Baltimore because you have the right to get the best price to cover your home or homes. Some coverages are included in your mortgage payments per month, and they are computed with property taxes, mortgage insurance, interest, and principal. Still, you can always add more to give your homes a more significant cover in case of an unfortunate situation.

The city or your property’s location affects your premium, so you may want to consider this if you are concerned about your budget. Knowing all the other factors that can affect an insurance plan’s rates is necessary because it gives you an advantage when it comes to determining how much you can afford but still getting the maximum coverage for your home in Baltimore.

There are so many other things involved when buying homes, not just in Baltimore but anywhere else in the world. It is always the right move to have the right coverage at the most affordable price, so you also do not have to sacrifice your way of living. Finding the right insurance provider in Baltimore is highly essential because you would want a financially stable company and has an outstanding reputation both from its past and current clients. There are so many insurance providers to be found in Baltimore, so there is certainly something available for your needs and wants. Simply choose wisely.